Publicising successful housing partnerships

Publicising successful housing partnerships

Hanover Scotland has completed its merger with Renfrewshire based Arklet Housing Association. 

The final formalities were completed last week and all Arklet residents are now residents of Hanover Scotland.  The decision comes after a vote by Arklet residents in September where 98% supported the merger.

On a practical level, there will be very little change for Arklet residents and services will continue to be provided via existing staff at Giffnock.  All residents have also received a letter from Hanover Scotland regarding confirmation of the merger.

Helen Murdoch, Chief Executive of Hanover Scotland, said: “I am delighted that Hanover Scotland’s merger with Arklet has now been completed and we can welcome those residents to our housing family.”

“This merger was overwhelming supporters by members, with 98% in favour and we have had fantastic support from the Arklet team as well as the Scottish Housing Regulator and others.”

“Over the coming months, we will be taking steps to harmonise our service and business systems. However, we would like to reassure Arklet residents that there will be very little immediate change to the service arrangements as Hanover will continue to provide services through the existing staff team based at the Giffnock office.”

Iain Wallace, Chair of Arklet, said: “Arklet has done the right thing – our members twice voted unanimously to merge with Hanover and I share their confidence for a positive, sustainable future with our new partner. Its bittersweet that the Arklet brand will disappear considering our unique history but our commitment to customers and staff, and care for their welfare, will carry on ever stronger with Hanover.”



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