Leading care provider launches recruitment campaign amid Covid-19 outbreak

Leading care provider launches recruitment campaign amid Covid-19 outbreak

Leading Scottish care provider LOVE Care, part of the LOVE Group, has launched a campaign to boost recruitment into the care sector amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Although the Government’s announcement to help workers and businesses fight through this crisis has been welcomed by most, LOVE Care forecasts that many individuals will still struggle to pay their bills or, especially in the case of those self-employed, might not eligible for the grants.

However, in the midst of what could lead to an economic recession, the coronavirus pandemic has also led to a surge in jobs from a variety of sectors, including social care.

LOVE Care is therefore looking to attract those that are self-employed or that might have been laid off in order to fill the high demand of care services that this health crisis has caused, in a sector that already has clear recruiting problems per se.

Based in Hamilton but active across Scotland, LOVE Care offers a wide range of professional care services, tailored to individual service user needs and undertaken by highly trained carers.

Its campaign seeks to highlight the various roles and opportunities available in the sector with a specific focus on attracting those from a non-care background who might be looking for a temporary solution or a change of career during the current health crisis we are living through.

LOVE Care will put those who successfully pass the selection process through intensive training for two weeks and will facilitate PVGs so they can begin to work as soon as possible. The care provider does also pay all its employees above the real living wage and offers qualified training and promotion opportunities.

Lynn Bell, CEO of the LOVE Group said:

“This recruitment campaign comes against one of the greatest public health challenges in recent history which has led to a higher demand than normal for care workers.

“During normal circumstances we already operate in a sector where there are clear recruiting problems, and this crisis will make the disparity between the demand of services and the number of care providers even bigger.

“We are calling for all of those who this outbreak might affect their jobs and sources of income to consider the care sector as an opportunity, even if it is just as a temporary solution until we go back to normality.”

“The career pathway we provide through intensive training will support individuals to be ready to work in a matter of weeks. Later on, those who wish to remain in the care sector will also be supported to gain the qualifications to move through the ranks of the industry and help them establish this as a career of their choice.”

Those interested in applying for these roles should contact – recruitment@l-o-v-e.org.uk

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Notes to Editors

For more information please contact Aria at 0746 851 5685 or at ariadna.roca@orbit.scot

About the LOVE Group

The LOVE Group is a one-of-a-kind social business, funding its outreach services through corporate services.

The LOVE Group’s outreach programmes include education, employability, social care, and physical health programmes, while its corporate services include professional training and recruitment.

With a drive for social justice, inclusion and wellbeing at its core, the LOVE Group’s model for outreach services identifies opportunities to support vulnerable individuals in Scotland who would otherwise have limited or no access to the services they need.

Further information is available at www.l-o-v-e.org.uk.

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