Productivity Club Scotland

Launch campaign of a new SCDI service

Project impact

900+ online membership sign-ups

500 social media followers

Business and opinion media coverage

Productivity Club Scotland

“Orbit Communications effectively delivered a brand, website and social media channels for the Scottish Council for Development and Industry’s (SCDI) Productivity Club Scotland. This was along with helping us arrange the two launch events with the Scottish Government’s Minister for Trade and Innovation.  SCDI, with Orbit’s support, has secured over 800 sign-ups to Productivity Cub Scotland already and have a firm foundation for future success.  Through the launch events we also reached our key media audiences as well as creating video content which will be invaluable through this pilot phase and, we hope, beyond.”

– Ashleigh McCulloch, Productivity Club Programme Manager

Because of its extensive B2B communications experience, Orbit Communications was commissioned by independent networking membership network SCDI and the Scottish Government to design a new brand.

We were also asked to create the website and social media channels for their pilot initiative, Productivity Club Scotland  and to secure PR coverage for the launch events in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Productivity Club Scotland is aimed at encouraging peer-to-peer learning and sharing of experience between Scottish SMEs to improve their productivity. With improving productivity being a key objective of the Scottish Government, it was critical that as many businesses as possible knew of the benefits of the pilot and could sign up quickly and easily.

With a clearly defined audience, the website needed to highlight all of the benefits of signing up and be a foundation for sharing information and best practice. Similarly, the PR audience lent itself to a largely trade and online audience.

We designed a logo inspired by the saltire, which also conveyed a sense of progress, improvement and collaboration, achieving the appearance of the ‘greater than’ sign (>).

With a simple and flexible design and layout with a separate members login area for key materials and information, the website has so far handled more than 900 sign-ups. This has given the Productivity Club Scotland a firm foundation for future success.

With separate events organised in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the launch events served a dual purpose. Primarily to secure trade press and online coverage, which it did successfully, but also to allow facilitate the creation of short videos and interviews which could be used for social media and on the website.

With five key pieces of media coverage for each launch and the creation of 10 videos for use, Productivity Club Scotland has the reach and resources for future success.