Hanover Housing Association

Website refresh and parliamentary launch

Project impact

Mobile friendly website created

60+ attendees at Parliament event

66 pieces of media coverage

Hanover Housing Association

“Orbit Communications have been instrumental in helping Hanover Scotland celebrate our 40th anniversary. From the initial branding and designs, to local and national media activity throughout the year, they have helped us to hone and communicate our key messages.

This year Orbit Communications has also redesigned and delivered our new main website which I am absolutely delighted with. The website design is progressive and is our marketing window to the outside world.

Orbit Communications’ holistic customer centred approach has given us tremendous added value, positioning Hanover as a significant leader in older people’s housing and in the housing, health and social care sector agenda.”

– Helen Murdoch, CEO, Hanover Scotland

Orbit Communications is working with Hanover Scotland, one of Scotland’s largest providers of social housing and housing with care, to deliver their media, public affairs, design and digital services.

With diverse audiences, both demographically and geographically, and different levels of services, from ‘Housing with Care’ to owner occupied support, Hanover Scotland is at the frontline of providing social housing. In addition to this they are adapting to changing demographics and needs as part of delivering integrated health and social care in Scotland.

Our role has been to pull these different strands together to support effective communication with staff, residents, media, policy makers and others.

At the same time we are building digital platforms to reach out to new partners to find the solutions that can meet society’s ever-changing needs.  Through working together Hanover Scotland is being positioned at the forefront of the housing, health and social care sectors.

In November 2019 we launched Hanover Scotland’s new website.  With an accessible and clean design, the site is able to better highlight and reduce empty properties, advertise vacancies and highlight key messages.

Planned strategically, the site also promotes excellent SEO to drive potential customers, and will be a platform for Hanover Scotland to develop its own digital services for staff and residents in the future.

To ensure Hanover Scotland’s innovative methods established them at the cutting edge of the sector, we led the drafting of a report with conclusions that would improve the integration of housing, health and social care services across Scotland.

This secured political endorsement at an event we organised at the Scottish Parliament and achieved extensive media coverage to further publicise the report conclusions.