Supporting Asda's development programme


“Orbit Communications has successfully assisted us in securing planning permissions for a number of developments, engaging both with local political stakeholders as well as other key audiences in the communities in which we operate. It has served to deliver tangible results with clear benefits.”

– Alan Jones, ASDA

Orbit Communications works with Asda’s Property Team in Scotland, supporting its development programme through a range of public affairs activity.

It has assisted the retailer in securing planning permission for new stores, existing store extensions, refurbishments, store acquisitions, new build petrol filling stations and stand-alone click and collect hubs.

This addresses customers’ increased demands, as well as delivering additional investment in the locality.

Orbit Communications works with Asda’s inhouse teams and its communities at all stages of the engagement process, including the local community, political representative and other key stakeholders.

Through this it has assisted in delivering planning permissions in sometimes highly sensitive locations.

These activities have also strengthened the company’s corporate reputation and improved relations between its stores and the communities it serves.

Working across the Asda portfolio, Orbit Communications has delivered real results with clear benefits. Permission for a number of developments has been delivered, whilst protecting and enhancing Asda’s reputation by building long-term, positive community relationships with local stakeholders and political representatives.