Housing association listens to tenants and community about future of Strachur site

Housing association listens to tenants and community about future of Strachur site

A housing association has asked tenants at a development in Strachur for their views on the effects of the decision two years ago to alter the service being provided.

Rhona McLeod, Chief Executive of Trust housing association, met with staff and tenants at Manse Gardens in Strachur yesterday (12 November) to hear their views on the decision, taken approximately two years ago, to change the service from Sheltered to Amenity as a result of the withdrawal in funding from Argyll and Bute Health & Social Care Partnership. 

The meeting was the beginning of a review of options for Manse Gardens to ensure the site properly serves the local community and provides suitable housing and services to the area in the future.

Tenants were told that Trust have no immediate plans to close Manse Gardens but wanted to outline the range of options available in the future from retaining the current situation to seeking new partnerships to provide housing and services or a managed disposal of properties.  Rhona McLeod emphasised that the priority is to ensure Manse Gardens is providing the service tenants rightly expect and that, whatever decisions are taken, their wellbeing is the top priority.

Rhona also explained to tenants that we have paused granting new tenancies whilst we consider the options to ensure any new people arriving need the level of service we can provide.

At the same meeting, Director of Customer Services, Gail Gourlay, asked tenants for their opinions on broader community concerns regarding Manse Gardens and how the organisation could best go about addressing any worries they might have. 

Commenting after the meeting, Rhona McLeod, Chief Executive of Trust, said: “Whenever we make a change to services at one of our developments, for whatever reason, it is important we speak to tenants after a period of time to understand what effect it has had on them.”

“In this case, two years on from changing the services at Manse Gardens from Sheltered housing to Amenity we wanted to ask tenants for their views and outline what the options are for the future.”

“In addition to the options I outlined to tenants, we are open to any other contributions from either them or other interested groups in the local area to ensure Manse Gardens can continue to serve the community.”

Gail Gourlay, Director of Customer Services of Trust, said: “I particularly wanted to make sure tenants knew that we were aware of some concerns raised by tenants and the wider community regarding anti-social behaviour.  We believe we have addressed these issues but are committed to working with both tenants and the local community to try and do anything more we can.” Trust wants to hear from tenants and local groups prior to producing a report for their Board in February 2020 which will include recommendations and they will be asked to take a decision on Trust’s strategy for Manse Gardens. Our research has shown that Priligy is prescribed with caution to those who drive a car or work with dangerous mechanisms, as possible adverse reactions can lead to reduced concentration and injury.


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