Public relations

Media relations
Why is the media important to you? Orbit Communications has the skills, knowledge and relationships to make sure your audience sees what you want them to see, be that new products, services or news from your organisation.

Crisis communications
How do you speak to your customers, partners, the media and government during a crisis? Our team are available 24/7, 365 days a year to prepare your organisation for what to do when things go wrong and to help you if they do.

Media training
Are you prepared to give an interview? How do you give a good interview? We will help you understand the media, how to get coverage in different channels and how to get your message across in front of a camera or microphone. Our team have coached organisations and CEO’s alike on how to present and represent themselves.

Reputation management
Reputation is important. We can help ensure your customers and partners have the right first impression of your organisation. You might want to be seen as reliable, innovative, creative, growing, local or international. We can help you.

How do you make sure everyone knows about your new product, service or idea? We can organise your event to reach a global or local audience. From small roundtable events to large conferences and launches, we can help you.

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

– Richard Branson

Global PR
Do you want a global audience? We are here to shape your message, choose your channels, draft your copy, produce your videos and make sure you are seen by customers and people right around the globe. Our team have worked with multinationals and start-ups to achieve their goals and generate exposure.

Internal communications
Making sure your staff understand what your organisation is trying to do is crucial to success. We will help you find the right way to communicate internally to keep your team up to date, engaged, generating ideas and helping you achieve success.