Public affairs

Political campaigns
How do you take an idea forward? Orbit has an extensive track record of successful campaigns that achieve your goals. Orbit manage this through influencing key stakeholders who are the opinion-formers and decision-makers, delivering both political and wider support. Orbit’s team’s extensive knowledge and political contacts have helped our clients gain real and lasting change.

Public & community engagement
How do you engage the communities you serve? Orbit is here to support you while you work in partnership with the key communities which matter to you, building positive relationships. By engaging effectively and getting your key messages across Orbit will assist you in achieving your objectives.

Monitoring and research
How do you keep pace with what is going on in a fast-moving media and political environment? Orbit will keep you up to date with what is going on through comprehensive research, public policy and political risk analysis, media and political monitoring and forecasting of the political environment.

Planning and development
How do you achieve planning permission for your proposed developments? Orbit has an extensive track record supporting developers in successfully securing planning permissions form wind farms to large scale commercial property and housing developments. Orbit achieve this through building relationships with your communities and other key stakeholders, using extensive community engagement in order to deliver this.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

– Henry Ford

Opinion research
How do I know what people are thinking? Orbit has undertaken research for clients across many sectors which forms the basis and is a critical tool for effective public relations and marketing campaigns. The information from this will help you understand your audience, and what communication channels you can use to influence them.