The Aussie in the office

The Aussie in the office

January 8, 2020

We were delighted to have Holly Matson join us as our intern at Orbit Communications.  Here is what she thought of her time, both with us and in Scotland.

I left Australia in early 2019 to discover what life is like the northern hemisphere, choosing to settle in (sunny!) Scotland and the magical capital of Edinburgh. Aside from the complete lack of UV, what I found was a city and a country overflowing with culture and history, as well as a community whose generosity and kindness welcomed a stranger like me with open arms.

I began my time in Edinburgh after being accepted onto Orbit Communications’ internship programme, quickly coming to appreciate that three months was far too little time to make the most of the opportunity and the chance to learn so much from so many. I have now been with them for over 8 months.

One of my first tasks was to write a series of regional press releases tailored to a number of local areas across Scotland (my knowledge of local geography has now blossomed!). Within the first two weeks at Orbit Communications, my work was being published in newspapers all over the country.  My daily tasks enabled me to learn about a variety of local and national issues (such as the political chaos rising from the ashes of the 2016 EU Referendum) but more importantly how these elements influenced our work. How did we need to adapt and alter the projects we were working on to adhere to emergent and ongoing social, political and environmental situations? Managing and alleviating these tensions is the bread and butter of PR work and being at Orbit Communications during one of the most tumultuous periods in recent times for the UK has made it a challenging, valuable and exciting experience.

During my time with Orbit Communications I have worked on projects catering to a variety of different clients operating in sectors including property and housing developments, arts and culture, renewable energy, regional hotels amongst many others. Each and every client’s needs are unique, and this meant that each and every day for me was different. From writing articles and press releases that gathered steam in local and national news outlets, creating and overseeing social media campaigns, to managing opening ceremonies for Scottish landmarks (including an enormous bear sculpture that made national headlines) and writing some huge reports for a renewable energy company, I feel like I have had the most broad, yet tailored experience I could have asked for.

But it hasn’t been all work! I’ve had the chance to pick the brains of every member of the office as to what the ‘must sees’ of Scotland are … I’ve tried my best to tick off as many as possible over the last eight months, believe me! What’s been particularly enjoyable for me has been the chance to combine my work with Orbit Communications with travelling around the country – interacting with local communities and informing them on projects we are working on.

My time at Orbit Communications has been nothing but an enjoyable learning experience. From understanding policies and politics to learning where the best pub in town is, I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge that I have gathered by working alongside so many talented colleagues. Benefitting from the tight-knit team and open plan office space by being able to engage with and learn from the directors of the company has been particularly noteworthy and makes Orbit Communications stand out from some of the larger PR agencies.

I thank them for putting up with an Australian in their office, for educating me about all things Scottish and for becoming some of my closest friends in the UK. The move over from Australia was a big one, but as I begin the next stage of this adventure, I will not forget that Edinburgh – and Orbit Communications – was my first home abroad.


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